Amazing Butterflies
520 University Avenue, Irvine, CA 92627
Add a uniquely colorful touch that will create a lasting impression. Individually packaged in attractive boxes sent overnight in time for your event. On your special day appointed guests can set free these beautiful fluttering creatures.
Feathers From Heaven - Wings of White
Vista, CA 92084
Dedicated to providing professional, courteous & on-time dove releases. Will always strive to exceed your greatest expectations for your special day.
White Flite White Dove Release
Orange County, CA 92705
Pure white birds arrive at your ceremony in white baskets & covered with breathable white lace covers to add the element of surprise. They assist you in determining the queue for release & the result will be a flawless, beautiful presentation.
White Dove Release
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Offer several packages. Let them help you create a dramatic ending to your wedding ceremony, as white doves of celebration wing their way out of their white wicker baskets, circle spectacularly overhead & return to their home.